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Have you ever noticed how nice it’s to be in a room where candles are burning? Candles not only give comfort in the house, but also set up your mood and state of mind in a positive way. Did you know that candles are also good for your health? But not all candles are the same, if you want to know what the difference is, this article is for you.

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What types of candles exist in the assortment of the modern candle industry?

Wax candles

These candles are made from natural beeswax, specially purified. Candles made of pure wax have unique disinfecting properties, fill the room with an unobtrusive healing aroma that kills pathogenic microbes.

Modern technologies also allow you to flavor wax candles. This technology is very popular in the production of wax candles for special holidays, when people appreciate the healing properties of wax, but want to give a natural candle a special glamorous flavor.

Wax holds its shape better than any other material at high temperatures. To increase the stability of candles to high temperatures, special components are added to the wax that increase the melting point to 80 ° C.

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Paraffin candles

The most popular candles among modern masters and buyers. Refined paraffin is very easy to melt, pour into molds, or decorate. It hardens faster than wax and melts at a lower temperature. Material for the manufacture of such candles is extracted from paraffin oil of high purity.

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Stearin candles

They are based on organic products derived from fats. These are so-called liquid candles. For their production, a variety of vases, glasses and other forms of containers made of special glass are used. This base absorbs a variety of aromatic mixtures well. Stearin candles are mainly used for aromatization for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, as well as for home relaxation.

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Gel candles

These candles are created from a special candle gel. It’s a transparent substance consisting of glycerol, gelatin and tannin. For the manufacture of gel candles, as well as for stearin candles, a variety of containers made of special glass or plastic are used. The functional purpose of gel candles is the same as that of stearin candles. However, the gel candle burns longer, although the aroma doesn’t emit as much as stearic.

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The benefits of candles for moral and physical health

According to research and recommendations of physiotherapists, the right smell of a scented candle set can have a truly healing effect on both the physical and emotional state of a person.

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With the help of a variety of smells, you can:

  • get rid of depression and nervous strain – with the help of the aroma of orange, grapefruit, peach or vanilla, as well as the smell of ylang-ylang and lavender;
  • gain strength, inspired to new achievements – with the help of the woody smell of vetiver or amber;
  • meditate - with a cherry aroma or the smell of pine needles.
  • wax candles make the air in our home cleaner, providing a healthier atmosphere. This is explained very simply. When burned, wax candles emit negative ions that easily neutralize the positive charge contained in dust and polluting microparticles in the air.
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The variety of modern candles is simply fascinating. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the shape, color, and purpose of the candle. In our days candle decorations and compositions are an indispensable attribute of a romantic dinner, a solemn holiday, a sincere meeting of friends and many other significant and not very important events.

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Now you know what types of candles are and how they differ. Just choose the ones you like best.

P.S. Please remember! When buying ready-made candles, you need to carefully study their composition.

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