While most of us are still stuck at home for known reasons, we decided to share some interesting DIY options with you. This could easily become your next best hobby or even additional source of income should you decide to master it.

When it comes to handmade there are so many options for every level of expertise, so it doesn't really matter if you're a noob or skilled, there is always something to learn and get great experience!

This is the first part of DIY overview and more will come along, so without further ado lets dive into bead weaving.

Bead weaving

Bead waving is considered one of the ancient type of craft. Over the time it grew and evolved along with new materials of every shape and color. While ancient people had no beads and used little rocks and fangs of dead animals, we have an amazing choice of beads to use. You will never get bored if you like crafting with beads.

There are a lot of various tutorials as well as books, but to narrow your choice and concentrate on result, we have selected these learning materials for you.

Book. Bead Weaving on a Loom: Techniques and Patterns for making beautiful accessories

What you can do with it:

  • jewelry (bracelets, brooch, earrings, pendant, necklace, choker  и тд
  • beaded bags
  • beaded home decor
  • flowers
  • animal figurines
  • Christmas ornaments
Paperback for beading beginners

Basic Supplies for Making Beading Projects

Before you going to create your masterpiece, here are some basic tools for any beading project you will need for sure. You might not use all of them at once, but keeping them around is a must.

  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Crimping tool (crimp pliers)
  • Bead organizer with a variety of glass beads
  • Beading cord or thread
  • Memory wire
  • Big-eye beading needle
  • Assorted earwires
  • Assorted clasps
  • Assorted headpins and eyepins
  • Crimp beads
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Strong adhesive, like E-6000

We will provide useful links at the end of this article, where you will be able to find all necessary tools.

Portable beading Organizer

Tutorials for beginners:

Here you will find beginner tutorials for every level of skill and patience. Simply choose the one you like:

PDF beading tutorial, Flora bracelet by Crystalstargems
Pendant and bracelet tutorial in PDF file by poetryinbeads
Hexagon beaded box PDF tutorial by ChikaBeadwork
Beaded flower DIY tutorial by BeadandBlossomDesign
Sparkle star beading tutorial by Ellad2
PDF tutorial 2 minions of beads by NataleeAlexDIY
Instant download beaded bead tutorial by SKLstyles
Beaded winged bangle tutorial by BeadingWithBugs
Beaded earring pattern by TheBeadClubLounge
Bird brooch PDF pattern by ElenaAccessoriesArt

You can also buy ready to use DIY kit, which makes is pretty simple to follow and get results.

Kit to make DIY bracelet by BeadCrochetKit
Matrix bracelet beading kit and tutorial by zviagil
Butterfly bead stitch DIY kit by WonderlandUkraine
Cuff beading kit by BarbaraBriggsDesigns
Pendant beading kit by MarinaBeads06
Ring beading kit by NatureCoastSupplies
Daisy flower beading kit by StephanieburnhamShop

Here are some useful tools you would need for any project:

8pc jewelry making DIY tool
Bail making pliers
3pc DIY jewelry pliers tool set with storage bag

Multicolour bead seed beads
Bead box kit
Rack system 
Beading cord
2pc beading tread 
16pc beading needles set (5 sizes)
1200pc 6 colors brass crimp beads
E6000 high viscosity adhesive
Mini bead board
Singer detail scissors with nano tip

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