There is no greater feeling like home than your own slippers. Slippers do come in myriad of shapes and forms and seems like a pretty straightforward purchase, but there is always a catch. For whatever reason, many slippers are not comfortable despite the fact that they initially have a good fit. Other simply fall apart after few weeks.

If you have found these issue to be similar to yours, keep reading and checkout our set of great slippers, which are not only eye happy, but will make you feel like at home wherever you go.

As you might already know there are many different slippers (surprising right?) not just for home, but also for your SPA, indoor only and those you can actually bring outside as well. What you need to pay attention to is the quality of material and whether or not it will fit you like a glove. Remember good slippers should be of the right size, comfortable (preferably with a memory foam) and they should breathe to make your feet feel good! What's even more important you should never feel too warm or cold or in pain wearing slippers.

Now that we have scratched a surface a bit and you are aware of what is important, take a look at our carefully handpicked slippers, from handmade slipper, to SPA and memory foam models. We hope you will find at least one you will fall in love!

Click for details: Handmade wool felted slippers by AMdreAM
Click for details: Sheepskin women slippers by JolieFurAccessories
Click for details: Women's spa thong slippers with memory foam
Click for details: Women sheepskin slippers by BuchaStore
Click for details: Faux fur memory foam house slippers 
Click for details: Ballerina powder grey slippers by SheepersLTD
Click for details: UGG coquette slippers
Click for details: Handknitted wool slippers by TheTrobojeShop
Click for details: Memory foam mule slippers
Click for details: Genuine leather handmade slippers by VelisLeather
Click for details: Handmade chunky wool slippers with faux fur pompom by BuchaStore
Click for details: Handmade Moroccan leather babouche slippers by RockTheKazbahDesign
Click for details: Velvet memory foam slippers
Click for details: Leather closed boho slippers by SheepersLTD
Click for details: Memory foam fleece house slippers
Click for details: Organic wool handknitted slippers by TashaDorenko
Click for details: Memory foam mens slippers
Click for details: Organic waffle weave bath spa unisex slippers by TrueLinenShop
Click for details: Handmade wool Felted slippers with blueberries by Annekefelt
Click for details: Handcrafted sheepskin boot slippers by YetiandsonsEuropeLtd
Click for details: Moroccan grey leather babouche slippers by LoveBohemians
Click for details: Unisex home sweet slippers
Click for details: Handmade tribe hill sandals by Uniquegoodhandmade
Click for details: Handmade felt slippers 100% wool by Craftmano
Click for details: Cozy organic cotton house slippers
Click for details: Sheepskin leather handmade slippers by lefushop
Click for details: Natural soft linen and cotton spa slippers by Linenfiesta
Click for details: Men heated slippers with removable heat pads by SnugToes
Click for details: Handmade personalized sheep wool slippers by BowieCreations
Click for details: Irish tweed and genuine leather slippers by KateIrishTweedStore
Click for details: Faux fur soft slippers

Important disclaimer

This  compilation is brought to you based on our taste and subjective  opinion. We explicitly state which parts are promoted and take no  responsibility for the quality of things presented by merchants. If you  have an idea about collection or would like to promote your brand please  reach out via email: [email protected]