Stained glass is a unique technique that sparks imagination and feels like magic. We used to think it is something expensive and massive, but it gets more and more popular as a rising trend in home decoration and there are new ways and shapes where it is applied. Before we get into more details and examples of products you can get on the market today, let's take a look at what makes stained glass so special.

Stained glass windows are never static, throughout the day a changing light will bring new colors and patterns alive. It was essential to the fabric of ancient churches, illuminating the building and the people within, both literally and spiritually.

In essence stained glass is about three different processes: colouring, staining and painting, each one complex and requiring the application of many skills. Even though it is often associated with windows and places of worship it has been adopted for all kinds of arts.

Today stained glass is used for making decorative windows and other objects through which light passes. Strictly speaking, all coloured glass is stained or coloured by the addition of various metallic oxides while it is in a molten state. The term stained glass has come to refer primarily to the glass employed in making ornamental or pictorial windows. The colour harmonies of the stained glass are less about special glass-colouring technique than a certain property of transmitted light and the behavior of human vision.

Home decoration adopted stained glass to make any interior alive and dynamic and set up the mood you want to represents your distinct sense of beauty and desire for creativity. Big and small, traditional and totally unexpected, each piece is handmade and would be a great addition to home interior.

Click for details: Stained glass spider sun catcher by KamillaArt
Click for details: Stained glass suncather by Glaslinie
Click for details: Stained glass succulents by MichaelinesDesigns
Click for details: Stained glass window decor by GlassArtStories
Click for details: Moon and stars stained glass decor by AnnSmythStainedGlass
Click for details: snowdrop stained glass suncatcher by ArtGlassBeautiful
Click for details: Art nouveau hanging stained glass by Bohemiaimage
Click for details: Modern chandelier by ShimaleLightArt
Click for details: Stained glass panel by InStudio999Glass
Click for details: Art Deco "Window" by LumiereEtVitrail
Click for details: Cathedral stained glass wall hanging panel by ArtStudioVivaFamily
Click for details: Firebird stained glass window suncather by GlassstudioIC
Click for details: Beach glass Kaleidoscope sun catcher by CoastChimes
Click for details: Stained glass window hanging suncatcher by SunnyHoneyStudio
Click for details: Stained glass home decor by SamahStudios
Click for details: Ornamental stained glass wall light by IldanachGlassStudio

Click for details: Hand painted stained glass wall clock by milliartGlass
Click for details: Stained glass wall art by BottlesAndOthers
Click for details: Contemporary stained glass panel by PeaceLuvGlass
Click for details: Stained glass aloe vero plant by GLASenGLAS
Click for details: Stained glass panel by GKYCreations
Click for details: Pressed flowers in stained glass frame by MARIAELA
Click for details: Stained glass rainbow heart by ArwenFantasy
Click for details: Sea glass bowl by SaraLeGrisCreations
Click for details: Dragonfly stained glass hanging panel by CannonStainedGlass
Click for details: Stained glass panel by gallerydelsol
Click for details: Art deco style stained glass lamp by JustinesArtInGlass
Click for details: Pressed flower pansies by ADivinityGlass
Click for details: Blue stained glass jewelry box by VerrEmma
Click for details: Buddha stained glass by StainedGlassElements
Click for details: Stained glass wall decor by LumiereEtVitrail
Click for details: Angel feathers stained glass suncatcher by GiftsFromTheHeartGB

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